4 important steps to care for your leather wallets

F.t Earnest & Collective Hyde Cardholder

Did you think that wallets don’t need as much care as shoes? Think again. By spending more time taking care of your wallets, they can actually last for a much longer time! Take care of your wallets and they will take care of your cash. It doesn’t contain lots of tedious steps, just view the 4 essential steps below that can keep your wallets lasting for a long time!

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Wax vs. Cream Shoe Polish: What’s the difference?

Its actually a rather common question people faced and it can be exceptionally easy to confuse them for each other. In this article, we will be going in depth on both wax and cream shoe polish and when are the right times you should be using them. Do stay tune to the end as we will be answering your wax vs. shoe polish questions you gave!

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How to style the single monk-straps?

Credit: Men’s Style Pro

The wait is over and we have finally unveiled our long-awaited single monk-straps! Being one of youngest shoe in the industry, the monk-strap actually holds a long history as well. Dating back to the 1000-1350 BC, the monk-straps first started when monks were seen wearing a buckled shoe as a work shoe, this shoe later then evolved into the monk-straps we know today when a gentleman took those buckled shoes back to England, where it became a big hit. With monks being 1 of the first groups of people wearing them, it definitely won’t be a tough code to crack where their names “monk straps” come from.

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How to choose the right shoe polish colour for your shoes (With Pictures/Charts)

F.t Earnest & Collective Stratford II & Cardigan II

With the range of shoe colours available, there is no way one can find the exact shoe polish colour for their shoes. So how does this shoe polish colour thing work anyway? The trick is to always select a shoe polish colour that is most similar to your shoes. Still confused? No worries, we will be pairing our shoes with the different Saphir shoe polishes for the best match today!

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8 Life-hack tips to keep you fresh & energetic at work

It’s back to work and the last thing we definitely don’t need is getting caught dozing off at work. Many of us have extraordinary techniques to hide ourselves when sleeping, lucky you! Unfortunately, most of us still fall into the category of falling asleep under our boss’ radar. Not to worry as today we will feature 8 life hacks that are bound to keep you fresh at work, and nope, it’s not just about caffeine. Be sure to read them before you become the next “falling asleep at work” meme sensation.

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