8 Life-hack tips to keep you fresh & energetic at work

It’s back to work and the last thing we definitely don’t need is getting caught dozing off at work. Many of us have extraordinary techniques to hide ourselves when sleeping, lucky you! Unfortunately, most of us still fall into the category of falling asleep under our boss’ radar. Not to worry as today we will feature 8 life hacks that are bound to keep you fresh at work, and nope, it’s not just about caffeine. Be sure to read them before you become the next “falling asleep at work” meme sensation.

1. Have a break!

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That Kit Kat commercial again? Yup, take a break from the activity you are doing once awhile. As it has been shown that sitting or doing the same activity for a long time can actually make you sleepier. Once every few hours, go for a brief exercise like a stretch or a walk around your office, these exercises keep your blood flowing and make you feel energized.

2. Take a walk outdoors before work

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Absorbing in morning sunlight and a breath of fresh air could be just what you need to perk yourself up. Doing this before work allows you to feel less sleepy and be more active. Results have shown that a walk in the early morning can increase your alertness. Also, waking up earlier for a daily dosage of exercise can definitely get your body back in shape.

3. Tune in to jams

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Tuning in to your favourite jams can be of good help too. Listening to loud and fast songs can definitely wake yourself up and bring your focus back. However, as some offices may see it as a distraction, be sure to put on your headphones or earpieces. A quick caution is to make sure you are still able to hear your colleague’s voices even on headphones, you definitely don’t want your name to be repeatedly heard in the office….

4. Snack-Time!

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Having a snack break can be effective in keeping you awake. Do note to keep away from unhealthy snacks and go for healthier ones instead as they help in balancing your blood sugar level and allows you to be alert. So what are healthy snacks you can choose from? Basically, they are nuts, granola and fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are thinking of getting any healthy office snacks, be sure to check out boxgreen, a local based healthy snack enterprise. They provide a snack team box specifically catered for office needs and what more for every snack bought, a portion of the proceeds goes to providing meals for the needy.

5. Coffee.Coffee.Coffee

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Coffee, the most popular method everyone knows. It has become such a norm that we always turn to coffee first. Coffee helps in keeping you awake as the caffeine stimulates your nervous system and gives you a boost of energy. Though coffee may be wonderful, do take note that consuming too much can be really unhealthy as they increase your blood pressure and cause heart rhythm disturbances as well.

6. Cool Down~

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You know in TV shows, it’s pretty common to see someone splashing a bucket of water to wake someone up. In fact, splashing water is actually really beneficial in keeping you awake but don’t go the extent of using a bucket of water. By splashing cold water on your face or hands, it helps to replace the heat you lost earlier, keeping you alert.

7. Smell the goodness

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Inhaling strong scents can help in keeping you staying alert too. Items you can bring to work are a diffuser, essential oils or scented candles. Remember to get one in a strong scent as some scents could actually induce you to sleep instead. Strong scents you can go for are peppermint, citrus or eucalyptus.

A place we recommend for your aroma needs is Hysses, a local aromatherapy brand that houses a wide range of scents and essential oils you can choose from. With 14 stores located in Singapore, you won’t be able to miss them, just drop down at any of their stores to get a scent.

8. Chit-Chat with a friend!

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Sometimes the person you have been looking for is just beside you, not in a romantic way but sometimes having a conversation with our colleagues could just be what we need. Its the most simple method and you won’t need to spend a hassle to make a coffee or walk around the office. Whenever you are feeling tired, just turn and have a conversation with your colleagues beside you.

However, the most important tip is to get enough rest and sleep. Without having enough rest and sleep, you may still feel tired all the times even using the methods above. Always be sure that you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep.

How do you keep yourself fresh and ready for work?

5 Affordable Local Men Fashion Stores To Shop In Singapore

The Authority Co Credit: TimeOut

Though National day is just over, it’s never too late to start supporting our very own local men fashion stores. The rise of online shopping recently had many of us turning heads to the screen for our shopping spree but if you would like to relive the good old days of doing the traditional shopping and trying on different clothes at the boutique. This is definitely for you! We have round up on 5 local men fashion stores to visit for your next shopping spree in Singapore and the best part is they are all at affordable prices! Now, who said local brands are always expensive?

1. Natural Project

Credit: IDBOX

One of my first few local fashion stores I first visited and I have to say its still under my shopping spree list till today. If you are shopping with a group of friends who have different tastes in fashion, Natural Project is just the place you should go. They house a variety of versatile clothes styles from the casual laid back shorts to your stylish sleek blazers which are all tailored to suit Singapore’s weather.

Location: Bugis Junction (#02-04), Vivo City (#02-54), Northpoint (#01-26), Tampines Mall (#02-23)

Price Range: S$39.90 – S$89.90

2. Arcade

Minimalist lovers, rejoice! Going by the motto, curating a style that excites, Arcade is where you should definitely keep an eye on. Their story all started out with the viral Youtube video of the kid who built an Arcade using recycled cardboard, inspiring them to craft out their own fashion style too. Originally starting out as an online store, Arcade then branched out to physical platforms by stocking their designs in some fashion stores in Singapore. So whether you are an online shopper or a traditional shopper, there’s something for you.

Location: Century Square The Showcase (#02-02), NEX Mall The Showcase (#01-89/90), Orchard Central The Gentlemen’s Collective (#04-29)

Price Range: S$19.00 – S$99.00

3. Praise

Credit: Capitaland

As with the hot weather surrounding us, you can’t miss a menswear essential we all need, a reliable T-shirt! However, if you think a regular white T-shirt is too plain for you, then go for a graphic tee. At Praise, get ready to be spoilt for choices with enormous amount of cool graphic tees available. Not into graphic tees, no worries as Praise also housed stylishly cool jacket and shirts at really affordable prices too!

Location: Bugis Junction (#03-22A)

Price Range: S$19.00 – S$69.00

4. The Authority Co

Credit: TimeOut

A home-grown mens wear label focusing on a minimalist and clean style approach. You can even say its basics done right! Looking to get Korean fashion pieces but tight on budget for a trip to Korea, then you can always head on down to The Authority Co where their clothes feature a Korean theme style. It’s a bonus if you love following local talents on Instagram, The Authority Co often works with local talents and showcases many of your favourite local influencers on Instagram.

Location: Orchard Gateway (#03-03)

Price Range: S$49.00 – S$89.00

5. Explorer Authentic

Credit: Capitaland

Ditch basic. Forget exaggeration. Welcome details. If that sounds like you, then you have officially found your new spot! At Explorer Authentic, you can style a look that doesn’t look too basic yet doesn’t put you in the limelight. Like what they say, be the highlight, not the spotlight.

Location: JEM (#03-52) , Bugis Junction (#03-18)

Price Range: S$32.00 – S$62.00

If you are looking for any affordable dress shoes, do remember to check us out, Earnest & Collective! Our shoe’s price range from S$139 – S$149 that comes with free shipping in Singapore and fuss-free exchanges you can submit within 30 days from your order.

Shop our shoes here: earnestcollective.com

4 useful tips you need to know for your new pair of shoes

Before we embark on the article, we would like to give a big thank you to all of you who came down to our pop-up store at Guoco Tower. We are extremely grateful to see many of our returned customers coming back for more shoes. Not forgetting those of you who are new to us, a warm welcome to the earnest fam! Without your endearing support, we won’t be able to achieve what we are today. Earnest & Collective will continue to strive harder and always bring the best for our wonderful customers.

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How to wear suede shoes (f.t our newest Milton Suede Monkstraps)

F.t Milton Suede Monk Straps-Walnut

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Introduction to woven shoes (f.t Maddox Monk Straps)

F.t Maddox Monk Straps Black

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How to amp up your workwear & not look boring (f.t Earnest & Collective Shoes)

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