4 Men’s Style Oversights & How to Fix Them

Credit: Macho Moda

Ever heard of the saying, “the devil’s in the detail”? You could dress up in the most sophisticated suit you have, but the slightest details found may end up ruining your entire style. Though they are minor, these style oversights are the ones we should absolutely keep an eye on. Check out as we uncover 4 common oversights in men’s style and make sure to keep them in mind before you make the same mistakes again.

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10 Stylish Men Accessories That You Need To Have

Credit: Luxe Digital

Men with accessories? Yup, you heard that right! Most people associate accessories with ladies wear. Well, we beg to differ as men’s wear is filled with tons of accessories, some even making the ladies jealous of! From the smart and extravagant watches to the petite and exquisite cuff-links. Let’s check out the 10 men accessories that will spice up your everyday outfit!

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7 Local Male Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow

Credit: (@glenngoh)

Don’t be afraid to admit that one of our favourite past times is definitely “stalking” stylish Instagram accounts to get inspiration for our wardrobe. Yet, many times, when we try to get wardrobe ideas from famous fashionistas, their style may not be suitable for us. So where do you find inspiration for your next outfit? Sit back and relax as we round up 7 different styles of local men fashion and style Instagram accounts in Singapore to follow!

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Fixing Leather Shoe Scratches

Credit: ShoesCast

Has this ever happen to you? You just purchased a lovely new pair of leather shoes, thinking it will last for some time. However, you then discovered a scratch on it during the next few days. That’s when you start perceiving the item as damaged and feel regretful of your purchase. In fact, that’s a really common problem we face, pretty sure it happens to almost everyone who’s an owner of a pair of leather shoes. Unlike what most people expect, it’s actually really easy to solve this issue. Let us introduce you the steps and methods on how to fix these scratches.

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Introduction to different types of belts

Credit: The GentleManual

Belts, they may be so dainty but they actually hold a key role in our outfits. There is a misconception for many that its just a tool to make sure our pants doesn’t fall off. But little did you know that belts might just be the piece you are looking for to enhance your dressing. Though it may be small in appearance, there are plenty of style choices you can have a go in a belt, you can choose your buckle, have a pick at its colours and even get your favourite designs on them.

Belts usually fall into 2 different categories, the formal and the casual. Yet inside these categories, there are different types of belts, ranging from the leather dress belt to fabric belts. If you are thinking, “which belt would match with my outfits?” Fret not as today we will be introducing you on the different type of belts and which are suitable for your outfits.

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